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SUP ATX Inflatables

Available in 10'6 or 11'6 these packages include everything needed to get started. The package includes the board, pump, paddle, patch kit and a bag to store and carry it all. The whole kit weighs in at 28lbs and will make traveling anywhere with your board easy! packages available starting at $699 plus tax.



We currently have a full inventory of leashes, paddles, life jackets and repair/protective accessories for you paddle board. 


SUP ATX Journey

The SUP ATX Journey is a 10'6 all around epoxy fiberglass board with great performance and features found in much more expensive boards. It weighs only 24lbs and comes standard with the LIFTSUP handle for easy transport and locking as well as the CONNECTSUP mount for your speaker or camera. Boards start at $799 plus tax.



We offer a range of rental boards to meet the needs of most paddlers from beginners to experienced paddler. We offer daily, multi day and weekly rentals as well as special packages with delivery included in out service area. 



The Scout is another great epoxy fiberglass all around board designed for a wide range of conditions and paddler types. We have the in the  10' option and they also come standard with the LIFTSUP and CONNECTSUP systems. Easy to manage, easy to paddle and easy to own starting at just $799 plus tax.



Paddle boards and kayaks aren't as fun if they don't float! We stock repair materials for most types of board or kayak whether it's a PVC inflatable or a fiberglass epoxy board, our goal is to keep you enjoying your board or boat. 

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