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A River (Or Trail) Runs Through It

It all starts right here, and I am consistently baffled by how quiet this spot is. The opportunities to access the best of the three downtowns connected by the Kennebec River and the rail trail have been my favorite experiences since I moved here. Whether I’m biking the trail, paddling the river, or just sitting on one of the docks or parks watching sturgeon jump, I find myself rejuvenated. Balance is hard to come by when working a full time job and trying to run a small business, so access is important to me. I don’t want to pack everything up and drive hours away just to enjoy my interests. But the ease of access is only a bonus, because when you have time to simply pay attention then you quickly realize we have a gem in our backyard that few communities have. The osprey, eagles and herons, the sturgeon and striped bass, the varied tides and terrain are rare to find in a place where you can also just pop off the trail and have a great food, beverage or shopping experience in three different historic downtowns! This river, and the rail trail that runs along it, connects me with some of my favorite places in Central Maine. It’s always been my hope to share that with our customers. So, what’s holding you back? Get here, and get some (whatever that means for you)!

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